In just six days, on Friday next week, KDE Akademy will start, bringing us eight days packed with presentations, workshops, meetings, BoFs and hanging out with friends.

I'm going to Akademy 2021


I have two talks in the main program. The first one will be about the indoor map display component we built for KDE Itinerary, showing how this works as well as looking at what we can build on top of it.

The second talk is about the work on KDE’s Android release pipeline which I have written about here recently, looking at how this integrates with Craft and Binary Factory, as well as how this plays into KDE’s All About The Apps goal.


The bulk of Akademy aren’t talks but a large number of BoFs, workshops and meetings. I’m particularly looking forward to the following topics:

  • KF6: During the last KF6 Sprint we decided to review and revisit the KF6 timeline and branching strategy at Akademy.

  • Application releases and the deployment pipeline: That’s a sub-aspect of the All About The Apps goal, and ties in with my recent work on that for Android releases.

  • Energy efficient software: This includes analyzing, optimizing and continuously monitoring the energy consumption of applications, as well as things like the “Blauer Engel” eco certification.

And judging from past Akademys there will be a whole lot more interesting stuff that I don’t even have on the radar yet :)

Other Topics

Besides the scheduled sessions there’s of course also the hallway track. I’m hoping to gather some feedback for the ongoing work on API for looking up and localizing countries, country subdivisions and timezones there.

Usually I would also use that opportunity to chase people for travel document samples for KDE Itinerary’s data extractor, but that will unfortunately have to wait another year again.

See you at Akademy!

The best part of Akademy however is meeting old and new friends, even if just virtual. I’ll be around the entire time and hope to see many of you there!

If you haven’t done so, it’s not too late to sign up.