On Monday the Wikidata Data Reuse Days 2022 start, a series of online events from March 14 to March 24 for users of Wikidata content. I’ll present KDE’s use of Wikidata in our travel apps KTrip and KDE Itinerary on Thursday March 17 at 15:00 UTC.

Wikidata Reuse Days

The Wikidata Reuse Days are of course free and open to join for everyone. Check out the website and schedule (note times are in UTC!). Topics include both general use of Wikidata as well as a number of very domain specific sessions.

KDE’s Wikidata use

There’s a number of things we use (and have contributed to) for our apps from Wikidata:

  • Airport IATA codes, locations and names.
  • Various train station identifiers and train station locations.
  • Information about power networks and driving directions per country.
  • Logos and modes of public transport lines and services.

The devil is in the detail of course, in parts due to technical difficulties but mostly due to the complexity introduced by modeling the real world. This include:

  • Uniqueness (or rather the lack thereof) of identifiers.
  • Combining Wikidata and OSM data.
  • Ambiguous/vague concepts such as the classification of public transport modes.
  • Modeling multi-part/”virtual” train station topologies.
  • Distinguishing airports for civil and/or military use.
  • The usual fun when a variety of content licenses are involved.
  • The usual fun when timezones are involved.
  • The usual fun when countries are involved.

I’ll try to present how we deal with this, and where we still have open challenges. Access link, discussion notes as well as slides and recordings eventually can be found on the talk page.

See you at the Wikidata Reuse Days!